City Councilors in Tulsa, Oklahoma are set to discuss implementing regulations on the growing number of Airbnb rentals in their community. Short-term rentals in residential homes will likely soon face restrictions on the number of days permitted to rent and also an occupancy tax of 5% per room stay.

Tulsa City Councilors, Blake Ewing and Ben Kimbro, will hold public meetings on the issue. City leaders, Ewing said, need to hear from the public before they start crafting regulations. “I hope that no matter where people are on the issue, that they will come out and hear from their neighbors (and) let their voices be heard,” Ewing said. “Councilor Kimbro and I don’t have an agenda on this other than to update our city’s ordinances to reflect this emerging trend and this emerging technology.”

Tulsa requires homeowners to apply to the Board of Adjustment for approval before listing their property for rent on Airbnb. So far, only a handful of Airbnb Hosts have done so with many operating illegally. Tulsa has warned that these homeowners risk heavy fines should their neighbors complain.

Airbnb rentals are not treated like rental properties under the current Tulsa zoning code because they offer short-term stays less than 30 days. Under current Tulsa zoning code, Airbnb properties are considered the same as bed-and-breakfasts. But that may change with the implementation of new rules to govern Airbnb rentals.