City of Loveland implements short-term rental tax code starting on Nov 1, 2017

Guests booking Airbnb stays in Loveland, Colorado now will pay the city’s 3 percent lodging tax. Airbnb will collect the lodging tax and then remit it to the city, according to assistant city attorney Vincent Junglas. He said the city and Airbnb had been working on the tax-collection agreement since early spring.

Airbnb already collects a 3 percent sales tax, a local marketing district tax, and a 2.9 percent Colorado state sales tax to the listing price, plus any cleaning fees, according to figures reported by the company.

The city isn’t currently collecting the lodging tax on bookings on competing platforms, such as VRBO and HomeAway, Junglas said. “However, the city is diligently looking at those other platforms to create, essentially, a comprehensive short-term rental approach, so no matter what platform you use, the tax is due,” he said.

Airbnb spokeswoman Jasmine Mora said the typical Airbnb host in Loveland earned $4,600 in 2016, with the total Loveland host earnings hitting about $700,000.

The giant short-term rental service this week also began collecting lodging taxes on all Airbnb reservations made in Basalt. In all, 11 Colorado governments have tax-collecting agreements with Airbnb.

Source: Loveland News