Effective July 1, 2019, short-term rentals of second homes in Los Angeles is no longer legal. After long deliberation, the City of Los Angeles has enacted regulations governing the short-term rental of residential properties and decided to limit rentals to primary residences only. They have also limited the maximum rental days to 120 days per year. 

Los Angeles has also taken the unprecedented step of banning the rental of temporary units such as Airstreams or other “glamping” structures on the grounds of a residential property. In what appears to be a counter-intuitive move, LA does allow for the short-term rental of rented homes by tenants who have approval from their landlords.  

The City will work with a third party compliance vendor to enforce the new regulations. This is almost certainly the notorious Host Compliance already hired by many municipalities to enforce short-term rental regulations.  

For more information on the newly enacted regulations, review the FAQ provided by LA City: Home Sharing Ordinance