Former Airbnb Hosts in Lake Oswego, Oregon are meeting in an attempt to overturn the city’s ban on short-term rentals. Lake Oswego City Council decided to implement a ban on all short-term rentals in July 2017. This move made after several incidents resulting in complaints from residents and the rapid rise in the number of Airbnb listings in the city. The issue is a divisive one with many Lake Oswego residents against the concept of short-term renting and many in favor. Those in favor of allowing short-term rentals are making the argument that they are being good ambassadors for the city and helping promote attractions and restaurants in the area. Lake Oswego’s City Council appears amenable to discussing new regulations specifically drafted to specifically to cover short-term renting of residential properties. In the meantime, as the graphic above shows, there appear to be quite a few hosts ignoring the city ban and continuing to rent rooms on Airbnb.