The use of security cameras is a commonly discussed topic among Airbnb Hosts. Thankfully, the conversion usually revolves around the use of security cameras to monitor the exterior of the property. Preventing guests from using their homes to host parties is a concern for many hosts and security cameras installed to monitor the entrances help them enforce their house rules.

However, the actions of one rather creepy host in Florida may now lead to many Airbnb guests removing the smoke alarms from their rented accommodation.  Wayne Natt had installed fake smoke detectors that were actually hidden spy cameras. After being questioned by policy, Mr. Natt claimed the cameras were monitoring a different kind of party – sex parties. Somehow, he neglected to turn the cameras off during times when he was hosting Airbnb guests.

An example of a smoke alarm spy camera available on Let’s hope that there’s not a sudden surge in sales as a result of this story.

While clearly a violation of trust and common decency, Mr. Natt’s actions are also a violation of Airbnb’s rules governing the use of surveillance devices at host properties which state: “…we prohibit any surveillance devices in certain private spaces (such as bedrooms and bathrooms) regardless of whether they’ve been disclosed.”  The Airbnb community will be happy to know that Mr. Natt has been banned from using Airbnb.

While the use of security cameras in the home isn’t prohibited by Airbnb (other than in private places such bathrooms and bedrooms), their rules regarding the use of surveillance devices clearly state that the host must make the use of any such devices known to their guests prior to booking. One would imagine that the use of cameras anywhere inside the home would be off-putting to any potential guest.


Using cameras to monitor the exterior of the home can be an effective means of preventing homes being used to host parties. Painful accounts of home destruction from partying guests are quite common. Some have reportedly cost homeowners tens of thousands of dollars in repairs but stories like this one from a host in Eugene, OR are more frequent. Airbnb Guests Trashed My House

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