Recently released data from America’s leading short-term rental website shows their prevalence in Summit County far exceeds what’s happening across the High Country, or even the state, for that matter.

According to statistics provided by, Breckenridge saw 89,000 guest arrivals for its short-term rentals through the company’s website last year at the same time in-town renters made $16.5 million off those stays.

Those figures included only the properties in town limits but were more than enough to rank Breckenridge second among all Colorado communities, landing the Summit County ski town behind only Denver in both measures.

Statewide, short-term rentals through Airbnb made a combined $183 million for the property owners in 2017 with 1.2 million guest arrivals, representing a 68 percent increase compared to the number of arrivals in 2016.

Not surprisingly, Denver had the highest figures with Airbnb reporting 325,000 visits and $51 million generated for the hosts there last year. The state capital boasts a population of almost 700,000 while Breckenridge has less than 5,000 full-time residents.

Still, Breckenridge remained far above every other major city across the state, including Colorado Springs, Boulder and Fort Collins. In fact, only Denver, Boulder and Breckenridge eclipsed $10 million in terms of income generated for renters, and Breckenridge’s properties listed on Airbnb actually beat out Boulder’s by $2.4 million last year.

Based on the numbers, Breckenridge’s short-term rentals simply blow other Colorado destinations away with almost three times more visits than Steamboat Springs, the next-highest mountain town, and more than four times as many as Vail in 2017.

Outside of Summit County, Steamboat Springs and Vail were the only other Colorado ski towns to make Airbnb’s top 10 list.

Inside Summit County, however, two other destinations — Keystone and Silverthorne — both made the top 10, giving Summit the No. 2, 7 and 8 slots on Airbnb’s list of the most prevalent locations for short-term rentals in Colorado.

Location/Airbnb Guests/Revenue

1. Denver 325,000 $51 million

2. Breckenridge 89,000 $16.5 million

3. Colorado Springs 72,000 $12.1 million

4. Boulder 67,000 $14.1 million

5. Fort Collins 32,000 $4 million

6. Steamboat Springs 31,000 $4.5 million

7. Keystone 26,000 $3.6 million

8. Silverthorne 22,000 $2.9 million

9. Vail 21,000 $5.8 million

10. Aurora 19,000 $2 million


Source: Summit Daily