Los Angeles City Council once again failed to lead a vote on new regulations governing short-term rentals in the city. In new rules first proposed in 2016, short-term rentals would be capped at 180 days per year and limited only to primary residences. Short-term rentals would also be banned in properties located within LA’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance, which covers a great percentage of apartment units in the city.

Until the city council finally agrees upon regulations, short-term rentals such as those offered via popular sites such as Airbnb and VRBO technically fall under the city zoning laws. Most residential neighborhoods in LA prohibit rentals of 30 of days or less. However, these laws are rarely enforced allowing property owner to operate illegally.

Airbnb rentals, such as this one in Los Angeles, may soon face new restrictions.
That would change should the city implement new the proposed regulations. The city intends to enforce new regulations and punish offenders. Violating the new rules could result in hosts being fined more than $500 a day for advertising an illegal rental. Hosts exceeding the annual cap of 180 days would be fined at least $2,000 per day for each day over the cap.
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